01 Estimating
Estimating is one of the first steps in the lifecycle of a project and it requires much more than looking in a book to see how much something might cost. Effective estimating requires a thorough knowledge of labor requirements, material costs, durations, support resources , and logistics... Read more...

02 Planning & Scheduling
We recognize the value of project and program management is much more than assigning tasks and updating schedules. While most of our consultants are Project Management Professional, they bring with them the extra "return-on-experience" you will not find with your typical project manager. Read more...

03 Cost Engineering
Most companies tend to look at how much a project will cost as it progresses or how much a project will cost at its completion. EPCM-psp's cost engineer's build budgets that allow customers to see how much the project will cost before it starts. This cost is called the "baseline" and it is used to verify whether or not the project is progressing within budget through to its completion. Read more...

04 Management Services
In the ever-changing and challenging manufacturing industry there is a complex web of inter-dependant departments that need to be aligned to achieve the most efficient output of products. Many companies are segregated into independent silos that focus only on their specific task and can lose the vision of their 'link' in the chain. At EPCM-psp we understand that this tunnel vision can lead to major problems in miscommunication not only between departments within a facility but also with their customers and suppliers. Read more...

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